Thursday, December 18, 2008

McDonogh 35 at the Ogden

New Orleans native, Lisa Silvestri, began the New Orleans Portrait Project as a way to record the "invisible part of the population; to make them visible and celebrate them." In a way, it was a reaction to the massive loss after Katrina of visual record in the form of personal photos. Lisa used her large format view camera and 19th-century processing to document students at John Mcdonogh High School #35 on Esplanade Avenue from 2006 through 2008. Today, Lisa gave the same students a tour of her exhibition of their portraits which opened at the Ogden October 4, and runs until January 4, 2009. Images by Richard McCabe.

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allison o. said...

Wow, this is really important work. I was teaching in an uptown school before the storm and I have no way of knowing what happened to any of my students. I searched the lists of missing children, hoping not to find them on the lists after the storm. I applaud the photographer for making this population of important individuals visible!

-Allison O.